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Job Openning  

applications open: 9-22 May 2017

PDF version (in PT)

Scientifc area: Biomedical Engineering (Biochemistry and Biophysics applied to Nanotechnology)


The project´s goal is to improve diagnostic immuno-detection assays.

The candidate is expected to:

- Study the interaction of biomolecules with modified antibodies in soluble and/or tissue samples;

- Colaborate in the development and improvement of methodology for biomolecule-ligand interaction detection;

- Demonstrate the general applicability of said methodology in different matrices.

Academic Profile:

Second cycle (Masters) or Integrated Master in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Biological Engineering , Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or related fields (it is mandatory to present the degree certificate during applications period). A completed PhD degree in any of the areas may be a preferential factor. 



- Imuno-histochemistry, dot blots or western blots (preferential factor);

- Optimization of ligand-antibody interactions from both functional and structural points of view.

Duration: 6 months with exclusivity, eventually renewable. Opportunity to progress inside the the company with possible integration in different functions, after evaluation of the general performance. 

Salary: to be adjusted according to the candidate's profile and experience, and in line with the values applied in the national scientific system.

Documents needed:

- Motivation letter

- Detailed CV

- Degree Certificate(s)

Applications must be sent by email to with the subject "Name - DART_Diagnostics_2017_JobOffer_01".

The candidates selected for interview will also be notified by email.

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