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Patrícia M. Carvalho

BSc in Biotechnology

MSc in Biopharmaceutical Sciences 

PhD candidate in Biophysics

Main Achievements

Short Bio

Patrícia is a Ph.D student at Nuno Santos Lab, iMM (Instituto de Medicina Molecular), Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal) in the context of the project “Design of a liposome approach for the delivery of fibrinolytic agents”. The project deals with the use of an encapsulated fibrinolytic agent aiming at preventing or treating cardiovascular pathologies associated with blood clot formation and vessel obstruction.
She is also involved in the development of bioinspired nanomaterials for applications in the detection and amplification of antibody interactions with relevant biological ligands, working on a specific and sensitive detection system for the amplification of recognition events.

Other projects:
- “Bioproduction of cationic cysteine derived gemini surfactants towards novel gene and drug delivery complex”, aimed at developing lipoaminoacids production via biocatalytic synthesis, for their use in transfection and gene therapies;
- Production of lipopeptides with antifungal activity by Bacillus sp., with the goal of obtaining biocides capable of inhibiting the biodeteriogenic fungi frequently found in mural paintings. 

  • FCT Research Fellowship

  • FCT Doctoral Grant

  • NanoPT (Nanotechnology) Travel Grant

  • Twice awarded the Beca a la Excelencia Formativa de la Fundación Grupo Siro

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